What should a writer in 2014 do? Make a word game app of course! Word Hack is an exciting, fast paced new take on classic word puzzle games such as Hangman and Wheel of Fortune. It was developed in partnership with Blue Label Labs and has been as high as #3 in the word game category in the app store. Not only did I come up with the idea but I did all the UX/UI and of course, wrote all the puzzles! Here is a great review from WORDSOLVER. You can download the app in itunes here.

While at Gyro, We pitched and won the New York Stock Exchange account. These are a few print pieces from the campaign. We leveraged the iconic columns of the NYSE and used bold words spelled out with the logos of companies that are listed with them. The idea of the campaign was to communicate that when you list with them, as opposed to the Nasdaq, you belong to something more than just a listing. You belong to their culture, their dedicated infrastructure and their history.

This is a Facebook application produced at TBG Digital for Coral, a legal sports betting parlor in London. Coral wanted a way to gain new fans in a quick and fun way. Simply pass the ball to a friend and if they pass it back, you're both eligible for prizes. This mechanic got people sharing instantly and increased "likes" by the thousands. Mission accomplished. This was my concept that I pitched directly to the client.

Accenture is a consulting company that provides solutions for many types of business issues. In a world that's constantly changing and evolving it's important for businesses to move forward and leave the old way of doing things behind. This was concepted while at mcgarrybowen.

While at T3, UPS asked us to come up with new innovations and marketing ideas that focus on promoting UPS Next Day Air and Express shipping. If we really want to make a statement about our air coverage, then let's deliver to a place that no one has ever delivered a package before- outer space! We put together a deck chock full of great ideas, but this is one in particular that I had that I feel really makes an impact.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise is one of the most important shuttles ever to be built by NASA. It has now made its final voyage to it's permanent home at the Intrepid Museum on Manhattan's Hudson River. Here are two print campaigns executed while at Catch NYC.

You'd Like This is a social media focused e-commerce concept that puts the emphasis on making extra cash through great product recommendations to friends. This was created and presented at Startup Weekend in NYC and was 1st place winner. I wrote, designed and co-concepted this idea. The product didn't launch but below is a mockup presentation of the idea.

New York City and its residents work together to generate usable clean solar energy that the city can use to power infrastructure, lowering its Con Edison bill and taking stress off of an overworked power grid. In return for their troubles, residents will be reimbursed in the form of tax rebates, directly corresponding to the amount of energy they've generated.

This a Facebook application that was concepted and executed at Razorfish NYC. To promote financial literacy month, we were asked to come up with a way to engage and educate people about financial literacy in a fun way.